Equinoxe® Shoulder Planning App

Plan Your Future. Immediately.

Equinoxe® Shoulder Planning App

Plan Your Future. Immediately.

Complete preoperative planning instantly with the Equinoxe® Planning App.

Immediate Reconstruction in 3D

The CT-based Planning App software immediately reconstructs the scapula in 3D, enabling implant selection and placement prior to surgery.

Intuitive Interface

The immediate reconstruction feature provides the 3D view after a few steps and within minutes, allowing surgeons to start planning instantly using the Planning App’s intuitive interface.

Implant Options

Choose implants and placement prior to surgery. All Equinoxe glenoids are available for planning.

Available for Mac and PC

To unlock the full advantage of the Planning App, use it with the only globally launched shoulder navigation technology available. The ExactechGPS® Shoulder Application is designed to reproduce the preoperative plan with precise execution intraoperatively.

Equinoxe Shoulder Planning Resources

The Equinoxe® Planning App is manufactured by Blue Ortho and distributed by Exactech, Inc.